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The Best Gas Pressure Washers This Year: Buying Guide & Best Product Reviews

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Though small-scale cleaning jobs can be handled by a good vacuum cleaner or even a combo as rudimentary as bleach and mop, for heavy cleaning works your best bet would be a best rated pressure washer. When faced against a beam of high-pressure water jet, even the most stubborn stains and dirt splotches would be quickly erased.


In this best pressure washers reviews, we’ll show you some of the best gas pressure washers on the market. As the strongest kind of pressure washer there is, we’re certain they will satisfy if you need maximum cleansing power.


What Is a Gas Pressure Washer and Why Choose One?


A gas pressure washer uses a gas-firing motor to pressurize water. It is different from an electric pressure washer, which uses electrical power, instead.


Because gas motors can generate significantly more power than electric, gas pressure washers are the most powerful type of washer you can possibly buy. The majority of the top rated pressure washers that are used for industrial purposes (scrubbing metal, paint-stripping, etc.) are gas-fired.


And that is also the greatest offering gas-powered pressure washers can offer to their users: raw cleaning power. If you want a heavy duty washer that can handle intensive cleaning jobs like multi-story home cleaning, washing the patio, fences etc., a gas-firing washer would be perfect.


What to Look for in a Highest Rated Pressure Washer?




Just like everything else, not all gas pressure washers are created equal. The power output of one model from one brand may differ from another. Therefore, when you’re shopping for a new washer, make sure to read carefully into the product’s description to see if its power can meet up with your needs.


There are three numbers you ought to focus on: Pound per Square Inch (PSI), Gallons Per Minute (GPM), and some models even list Cleaning Unit (CU).


The PSI number indicates the maximum water pressure your washer can generate. GPM will tell you the maximum flow rate. Lastly, CU— the multiplication of


PSI with GPM— will tell you the overall performance of the washer. CU is the most telling calculation of a washer’s performance compared to others. You should always focus on this number if the manufacturer wrote it out for you. Unfortunately, not all choose to do that.




Portability is absolutely crucial. Because a gas washer can weigh dozens of pounds easily, a good pressure washer for the money should have features to make it easier to transport. Usually, the gas motor is mounted on a steel frame, which in turn sits on top of a pair of wheels. The wheels will make it significantly easier for you to cart it around.


The Best Gas Pressure Washer to Buy in 2020


SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer


SIMPSON is a big name in the gas-firing pressure washer business and the company’s MSH3125 washer does more than a good job of proving why.


This best pressure washer for the money has heavy duty performance that borders on extra heavy duty. Nominally, it can generate 3200 PSI of water pressure and a nice flow rate of 2.5 GPM. When cranked all the way up, best believe that it’s going to thoroughly clean out whatever you point the wand towards. Don’t be intimidated by its apparent power, though. The MSH3125 will fit as both an industrial-grade washer as well as a home pressure washer just fine!


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The gas motor is mounted on top of a rigid steel tube frame designed specifically for heavy, intensive use. SIMPSON also coated the frame with a matte black coating to minimize corrosion and rust.


The frame sits on top of a pair of 10-inch, 4-ply pneumatic wheels. These wheels are shock-absorbent and will allow the washer to traverse easily on top of rugged terrains.


SIMPSON MSH3125 comes with 5 changeable nozzles and a 25 feet long water hose.




Briggs and Stratton 20505


If, in the process of trying to answer the question of “What is the best pressure washer in the world” you find yourself needing maximum power, the Briggs and Stratton 20505 is worth looking into.


This washer, in the highest possible configuration, offers up to 3400 PSI of pressure and a flow rate of 2.8 GPM. As a result, it fully qualifies as an extra heavy duty pressure washer and can handle just about any cleaning job imaginable.


The key secret behind its exceptional performance lies in the 250cc OHV engine, which can produce up to 11.5 foot pounds of torque. You will also benefit from an integrated detergent injection system for certain tasks requiring soap such as car washing.


Just like any other heavy duty power washers out there, the Briggs and Stratton 20505 can be carted around using the pneumatic wheels. They’re puncture-resistant and shock-absorbent.


Stanley SXPW2823


Don’t require massive power and instead is merely looking for a washer with medium-high power that’s comfortable and easy to use? The Stanley SXPW2823 will be a nice washer for you, then.


Though the compressor of the SXPW2823 won’t provide you with the power in the caliber of either best rated power washers above, domestic users will be pleased regardless. According to the user’s manual, the SXPW2823 can output 2800 PSI of water pressure and a 2.3 GPM flow rate. This performance rating makes it a multi-duty power washer and is ideal for use in domestic cleaning jobs and some small-scale industrial applications.


The spray gun of the SXPW2823 is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use for long periods.


Aside from a 25 feet water hose, the washer also comes with 4 changeable nozzle tips for you to adjust the spray’s shape.






The SIMPSON MB1518, while it doesn’t offer nearly as high raw pressure performance as other top rated pressure washers out there, offers hot water support for anyone who needs it.


The MB1518 has a triplex axial cam pump that can generate a decent flow rate of 1.8 GPM at a pressure of 1,700 PSI. This rating puts it in the light duty class: it won’t be able to handle tough jobs like multi-story home washing or paint stripping, but it will do the job for cleaning out gunks and dirt splotches around the house.


But like we previously mentioned, the best thing about the MB1518 is that it offers hot water capability. The internal heater (runs on either kerosene or diesel) can bring the water to around 130°F and 160°F.


The MB1518 is mounted atop a powder-coated steel frame and is solidly supported by a pair of 13-inch pneumatic wheels. No need to worry about safety problems like pump overheating, either. The washer has an Automatic Stop System to prevent it from happening.


This highest rated pressure washer is powered by a 35 feet long, waterproof power cord. Additionally, it is shipped with a 50 feet long, steel braided hot water hose. In total, the washer has a respectable range of 85 feet.




We hope this best pressure washers reviews have helped you with your search for a nice home pressure washer. These models are the best on the market and regardless of what you choose, we are sure that they will satisfy you when power washing time comes!


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