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The Loft Apartments in New York City
Design by Julian Sadokha - founder and CEO of Suburbia studio.
Visualization by the studio.


This is a stunning space. Ample light in every corner of the house. Warm light colors enhancing the volume even further. Very minimal furniture, neat clean lines, and beautiful atmosphere.

This chic apartment has a certain sense of inviting softness. The ceiling and the surrounding walls are to deliver an industrial flavor.


Picking the right decor and accessories that fit in with the style is important. It is all about giving an apartment a distinct personality that reflects your taste.


If you want to have amazing renders for your interior project, write to us via email:



Interesting Close-Up On Bed bfe02f50190582b2f08962166cb550cf.jpg


Amazing Kitchen 


One more shot from kitchen


Sink With Lemons 


Do you like the taste of a lemon?

Why we talk here about lemons?


What most people make when they got the first money? They buy some clothes, trips, or other not important stuff.


What did I do?

I bought a lot of 3d models. And it was worth it,

I remember this 3d lemon model cost me 15 Euro.



Living Room



Close-Up On Sofa



Material Of The Sofa



Material Of The Sofa



What do you think about this project and design? Have you found some inspirational for your projects here?


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Thank You, For Reading!

Edited by Julian Sadokha
I want to add more images

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