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Personal project made during the corona renderer course of Master in Digital Architecture IUAV (MADI).
Software used: Rhinoceros, 3ds max, Corona Renderer, Forest Pack

Peter Zumthor's serpentine pavilion is like a chest enclosing a small secret garden inside it. The principle followed for the design of the pavilion is that of Hortus conclusus, where the visitor becomes an observer, recapturing his time away from the chaotic city and relaxing. Forms and materials create contemplative spaces that evoke the spiritual dimension of our physical environment, because of there is a central courtyard and a simple but refined material, painted with a black paint called IDENDEN on which a kind of fabric is applied. The overall appearance of the pavilion is therefore a compact dark block, the only difference being the Swiss pine seat running across the perimeter of the Prussian blue court.





cam 1 confronto.jpg

cam 2.jpg

cam 2 Confornto .jpg

cam 3.jpg

cam 6.jpg

cam 4 cut.jpg

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