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salve a tutti.

ho creato una scena di un esterno. poi ho inserito alberi, oggetti ecc. molti oggetti (tipo siepi) sono istanze di quella originaria inserita.

ho utilizzato il programma multiscatter per duplicare su tutto il giardino (molto grande) fiori, erba, cerpugli...

poi lancio il render, e 3ds si blocca ed esce dal programma.

sapete il motivo?...serve cliccare su qualche settaggio di memoria o altro?

grazie anticipatamente

multiscatter non di 3ds, ma di una terza parte....

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Eccoti l'elenco dei possibili Crashing direttamente dal loro manuale, altrimenti contatta il supporto sono gentilissimi e rispondono in tempi molto brevi



there are some common issues (and they are not related to the plug-in itself):

Using NormalBump

Please check that you are not using NormalBump with V-Ray, use VrayNormalMap instead (please refer to V-Ray support for this issue)

Light Cache issue

Light Cache is very fast algorithm, but there are some drawbacks. Light Cache needs much more RAM than other V-Ray GI algorithms. MultiScatter is tool for creating huge amount of geometries which also needs RAM. therefore there is a big chance to encounter problems (very slow rendering or crashing) when you use LC with MultiScatter.

So using Light Cache in exterior visualisation consumes lots of memory wherever you are using MultiScatter or not, and its just our very general recommendation not to use it, unless you really know what you are doing and have tons of memory.

Problems with materials

when using V-Ray we strongly advise to use only materials designed for V-Ray

e.g using Architectural materials with V-Ray may cause it to crash as its designed for Mental Ray

using Standard materials may also cause crashing with V-Ray.

Basically speaking, incorrect material may render fine with small CPU or RAM errors, which may be unnoticed when rendering a single object, but when you multiply it thousands or millions times with MultiScatter this problem will just grow exponentially and instantly crush the system.

Using groups

Avoid using grouped objects for scattering and as a surface, MultiScatter support only geometries, but groups may include other non-supported objects

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