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Scomparso Chris Maynard ed il futuro di cmiVFX

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Chris Maynard (CEO e Founder of cmiVFX) è venuto a mancare il 27 maggio per cause sconosciute, qualche giorno più tardi e sono davvero dispiaciuto visto che nell'ultimo periodo lo stavo sentendo abbastanza spesso.


Oggi lo staff di cmiVFX (Brian Chiorello) ha inviato una newsletter con molto indicazioni sul futuro del sito




cmiVFX - Celebration of Life
High Definition Training Videos for the Visual Effects Industry


Orlando, FL (June 7th, 2016) The Visual Fx community has lost a great creative mind.  On Friday, May 27th at approximately 7:30pm EST the founder and creative mind behind cmiVFX, Chris Maynard past away from unknown causes.
Chris inspired many people, he started cmiVFX on his own in early 2003, he identified the need to serve the VFX Community and had a way of showing or training people on how to do something that was near impossible.  Chris always thought outside of the box and strived to accomplish what people told him was impossible to do.

I have been friends with Chris for over 37 years, we met at the age of 5 and were essentially inseparable since then.  I traveled many years to NAB with Chris, helped out with cmiVFX on multiple occassions in the early years and more in recent years.  No matter what Chris and I did together, cmiVFX was always part of our conversations and his dedication to making it successful to all of the VFX Community was his first priority.
Chris he always envisioned cmiVFX continuing for many many years as he wanted to continue to inspire the next generation of VFX Artists.  I am now part of the team dedicated to making that dream a reality for Chris.  

Future of cmiVFX
The future of cmiVFX is very much secured and we already have our team in place, Allen Mackley long time Developer with cmiVFX will continue to develop and maintain the overall functionality of the site.  I (Brian Chiorello) will take lead on the overall Operations & Marketing of cmiVFX ensuring we continue to grow, add more content while deliver a great customer experience.  Eric Whitehead, Producer/Talent Acquistion will continue to work directly with Mentors to create the highest quality training videos available in the industry today.  

Others will help where needed and this is an opportunity for you to help out as well.

Supporting Chris' Family
Chris leaves behind his loving wife Mia of 12 years and their son Luano, she is absolutely devasted by the sudden loss of her friend, husband, father and so much more.  Luano, age 13 has lost his mentor, friend and father.  These are difficult times for them as this was sudden and Chris was taken from all of us at the young age of 41.  If you would like to assist them in anyway, please visit the GoFundMe account we have setup in his memory.




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Non conoscevo Chris Maynard, ma ovviamente CMIVFX è una risorsa importante nel training per quel settore. Speriamo che possano continuare l'attività anche senza di lui.


"Il vero viaggio di scoperta non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell'avere nuovi occhi" (Marcel Proust)

"Due sono le cose infinite esistenti: l'universo e la stupidità degli uomini, ma sull'universo ho ancora qualche dubbio" (Albert Einstein)

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Sto parlando con Allen e Brian. Si, continueranno con alcuni piccoli cambiamenti.

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