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Bersabea Italo Calvino 3d print & 360° video

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Lamberto Curtoni the composer wanted to experience more than the terms so far attempted: extrapolated the three main themes of its composition has developed, in collaboration with Curve Digital Studio (Silvio Fasanino, Arezio Basteris, Luke Racing) and Marco Palma, an algorithm capable of read music and transform it into mathematical and geometrical relationships resulting in a morphogenesis of 3D musical structure.
The algorithm generation process is achieved through the use of a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with the modeling tools 3-D Rhino.
Marco Palma has thus generated a series of numerical codes (obtained from the variation of the sound frequencies of the song composed by Lamberto Curtoni), thanks to which he got a 3D mathematical representing the subterranean city of Beersheba.
Here comes Curve Digital Studio, that the newly generated mesh, has been able to recreate, through softwares 3D computer graphics, an immersive video 360 ° representing the imaginary vision of the underground city, it turns to the physical prototype (obtained thanks to the technique of with clay printing via robotic arm from Co-de-iT at DigifabTURING) it allows the visitor to experience first hand, as if they were inside the city described by I.Calvino in "invisible cities."
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