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In this project I make a bathroom with the marble as a main material;

starting from that I try to remain on that scale of colour with the forniture, included the floor (tile floor).

I modeled with 3ds max and rendered with vray, post-production con Ps in which I gave 2 different way to appaer!!

Hope you like it!

C&C are welcome!

bagno 01.jpg

bagno 02.jpg

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Il 30/5/2016 at 18:54 , arts1983 ha scritto:

The perspective is a bit unnatural. The lighting is too much and maybe the bump map of the ceiling excessive.

Hi ARTS1983,

with the camera setting I'm not totally confidence; about the light I did too much exposure with photoshop...

ceiling is in that way cause I want in my mind to make the feel of the water: vibrant!!!

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You can find some informations about camera settings in this site: http://www.dpreview.com. The right way to learn it is to read the vray help and understand every single value, but could help you the default 3ds max camera (I imagine you used a vray physical camera).


It's a good thing to use photoshop (or other software) for postproduction, but I'm sure you could obtain a better result for those images with good lights settings and the right exposure control. Wich kind of lights did you use?



Edited by arts1983

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