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Bellini Arena

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Project info:

The visualization of "Arena" kitchen for the Bellini factory.


What were the client’s goals:

The main goal of the client was to show the new kitchen model in a modern interior. The important point of the job was the requirement to recreate a harmonious combination of kitchen and media zone. Also, the client fully entrusted our studio to develop the kitchen composition options.


How did we achieve them:

Firstly we have studied all the modern trends in the market of kitchens combined with media zones. Since the factory has been cooperating with the Italian designers on their kitchens, we paid special attention to the Italian manufacturers. The next step was the design of kitchen compositions and sketches of the space they placed in. After that, we recreated all of it by means of three-dimensional graphics.

The most interesting part of the work on this project was creating the lighting and decorating the space. We wanted to make a lightning that would repeat the tricks from catalogues by Italian kitchen manufacturers. We didn't manage to do it at once, but eventually got what we wanted.


What is the result of our work:

As a result we have 6 images that client can use for a catalogue, as well as for large format printing. 


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