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Project info:




The visualization of sofa in the interior, with a demonstration of functions and finishes.


What were the client's goals:


The client wanted to create an interior for the new sofa and showcase that sofa in it, with different functions and colors. The interior supposed be in warm colors and modern style.


How did we achieve them:


Our team has picked some reference images for the client that would convey the atmosphere and style of the future room. After the approval, our talented modelers have started to work on the sofa. The team of visualizers and designers proceeded to developing the room, selecting the angles, decorating. Once the main angles were approved with the client, we have diversified the environment for each finish of the sofa. Multiple combinations of decorations, lighting and interior items were created in a process.


What is the result of our work:


As a result, we have created 9 interior and more than 30 studio images. The studio ones contained all kinds of sofa finishes, as well as all possible functions (Armrest functions, Backrest functions, Headrest functions, Seat functions).




Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray Chaos Group, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Mudbox


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 Very nIce shot,the exterior it's a geometry?Can you tell something about lighting and render settings?I guess you render with vray.


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