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Emanuela Berardi

A bright living with a studio – WIP

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The project can be described briefly with two apartments become one.

The architect who conceived the idea of the project is Stefano Zaghini with whom I work and for whom I make renderings.

The inspiration behind the project is the concept of the beach house. The apartment is located in Rimini, a city on the Adriatic Sea in Italy, from the inside you can enjoy the view of the coast. The interior is dominated by shades of white, creating linear spaces but not cold and static, suitable for use in an informal manner.

Customer need was to combine two apartments at the same level in a building of the Seventies in order to achieve a large and bright living area with adjoining study. Indeed this is a complete restyling of the living area for a total space of about 95 square meters.

The client required a versatile space and suitable to entertain friends and guests. The large table becomes the centerpiece of the living area and the central hub between the kitchen and living. Unlike the original system where you had a classic division of the rooms with their respective functions, in the project we have a contemporary style that transforms the traditional atmosphere of the apartment, by resizing the passageways and making the space more open and flexible. Space becomes more airy and the sequence of spaces is given by framed glass panels high up to the ceiling that screen the different functions in a more fluid and dynamic way than before. The strict purity of white rules the walls, in contrast with the black charcoal used for the internal doors frames' and the warmth of brushed wood of the long dining table. Targeted solutions have enabled us to integrate the pillars into pieces of furniture custom made and to cover them with white lacquered wood paneling.

The main feature of this intervention of interior design is the fact of having a flexible and harmonious livingroom, enjoying the space in the most ergonomic way as possible, through the use of large glass panels that allow changable and dynamic domestic scenarios.

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