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Hi guys, I want show my personal project. It's house with big history, you can read about it here http://archirost.til...mfinbuildingeng

i hope you like it)

This project 3D-reconstruction of one of the legendary buildings of the Soviet avant-garde architecture - Narkomfin on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow. This house is an architectural monument of constructivism, but not only because of the time of construction (1930) and forms. The architect Moses Ginsburg designed the new way of life - the life of a labor commune - where more time was devoted to work, and less - household routine. It was a very ambitious project that was ahead of its time for 100 years. At that time people were not ready for this level of collectivism, now - you can call it a multi-functional complex of two-level apartments. Initially, this project included two stages of construction, but only the first one was built. I modeled the whole complex of buildings in 3D - reconstructed the existing part as it was designed by architect, showed unrealized second turn, added a modern landscape design and paving. Now it is a residential and office building, even my friends rented an apartment there, there is a yoga center and a rooftop cafe. Owners wanted to reconstruct the house, but the project does not move for many years. I wanted to show how this whole monument of architecture in the modern world might look like, if it was built.

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