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hoanganh ho

realtime 3d -Unreal engine 4 Archviz

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very nice

i don't understand why you use unreal for an architect project but very nice :)

i suggest you Lumion for architect, more easy and fast to use :)

i guess you can import also quadrangular, without the expensive work for triangulate polys and the saving of the lightmap to have nice shadows, you just save the project and open in it, and it's perfect for cad, rinoceros, max, sketchup and others

in plus unreal have a different scaling mesurement that maybe is not so good for this kind of work

do not get me wrong, i love unreal and you can use whatever you want (for me you are a boss only because you used and I know how can be hard), i just told you because a lot of persons doesn't know lumion and think to unreal just because you can get into your project but without knowing that is a game engine as others like unity or cryengine or others and it's hard to use in general because is not only an architect work but a game engine and level design too

as I sayd, your project is awesome

this is the link of lumion if you want to get a look

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I think that UE could be a better choice. Near and far.

Lumion has an easier learning curve, but Unreal Engine is really more powerful and tweakable, about every possible project detail (shading, assets, plugin integration, like substance suite..., fx, cinematic options).

UE is full featured available for download, for free. No fee is due below 5k euro commercial incomes.

Lumion (if i remember properly) has two commercial versions (about 1,5k and 3k euros) with different features. free version is really limited in features, assets and output options.

If i would have to suggest a real time software for archviz... No doubt. UE wins, not only respect to Lumion, but over any competitor :hello:

In a few time, also traditional render engines could be downvalued by incredible UE RT and cinematic rendering skills.

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