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Casa Spodsbjerg

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Greetings !

Here I would like to show you a project I did lately. My plan was to create a bunch of pictures where I could test out the possibilities of Corona render in production environment. Meaning, how difficult would it be to do stuff, quickly and efficiently.

The test shown that Corona is a very good rendering tool and that I will use it for my own projects from now on.

Please take a look at what I've done and let me know your thoughts.








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Thank you davide p! I wanted to share the HDRi I've used for lighting the scene.

It is one of my oldest ones but I think you can still put it in good use :)

Here is the link :


Join me also on Facebook :


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Hello Lucas.

I like your work very much.

Very pleasant images. High production quality for sure.

The exterior view is superb. Very photographic.

Interiors are very nicely lit too.

I think you could have used a little more "color" in the light. The neutral lighting, coupled with the minimalism of the architecture turns out rather dull. Dont' get me wrong, this isn't a critique, it's only a suggestion. You should experiment some different situation to add some character... (artificial lights, clear noon, night, sunrise, sunset etc..)

Overall these are top quality images, I have only two minor quality concerns:

-The concrete shader could look better in my opinion, in the bedroom view specially. The textures is fairly rough but it lacks bump and it has the reflection factor of a polished concrete.

-In the first image there is an evident and unpleasant aliasing at the edge of the front window, maybe due to resizing, i don't know. Aliasing shows on top of the white kitchen forniture also.

Thank you for sharing your work and the HDRI also.


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Hi Treddinamite.

Thank you, much appreciate your comment. I will experiment in the next ones for sure. Like you've pointed out, there is still much to learn. This was actually the first time where I've done such a concrete wall in a interior rendering so for the next one I need to get a better result with it.

As for the dullness I think it adds to the feeling that it is sunday morning and the coffee is about to be ready :D

Like you said it is a suggestion to go more intense with the colors, I will try it for sure, I just had enough of those "rise and shine" kinda renderings...

About the aliasing and sampling issue we had a discussion on Corona forum, apparently there is still some work to do with it. Hope with the new version there will be no issues with it.

you are welcome Treddinamite!


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