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Mercedes GLA 2015

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Nebaquila thanks man , i used Vray engine for rendering

for the lighting i had to make the HDR dome very neat to the backplates by fixing the HDR dome Contrast and colors , then add my own lights to get a nice specular pass then composite them inside after effects

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Congratulations on the job, everything is very realistic and perfectly executed, I love especially the 3D model you used.

The only advice from an UNTRAINED and external observer are aimed at the part of the body near the front wheel. It appears really good in the gray version, while in the brown colored version this car needs a bit of dirt or shadow from hdr that falls exactly in that point, in a diffuse way, it seems too perfect to be real.

In the snow shot the only criticism is the dirt color in the wheels of the machine and its position relative to the ground.

The last two images are absoluet masterpieces.

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thanks alot Lelio i'm very glad you like it , and big thanks for this advice man, i totally agree with you about this points , i had a deadline to finish this shots, and you know man if you don't deliver things before the deadline clients will cut your neck, but for a personal purpose i will have to get back for sure to this shots to fix little things

i add some new shots to my website so check them guys

here also a couple of new studio shots


Mostafa Zaki










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