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Axis Viana Hotel represents one of our newest works where the main idea was to share two different approaches: photorealistic and conceptual.

For the photorealistic views we used the two well-know references of the project and tried to reproduce them 100% equal to achieve the most precise and accurate result possible. On the other hand, the three conceptual views are focused in creating a personal vision of the building in a post-apocalyptic future, with all the environment and time consuming that this scenario may be represented. Architecture developed by VHM. Photographic references (view 1 and 2) by Nelson Garrido.

Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Photoshop.

And there is more to come at:










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Many fine, I like the lighting, rendering, the setting. It's a different way of seeing architecture not as simple ' rendering ' but as ' personal artistic representation of a landscape that includes architectural objects.

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