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Interior design Alghero

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The 3D depiction of this interior design project, maintained in every detail by Marco Tosi, OPE commissioner, was a race against the clock due to the close deadline. So we involved the whole render-farm, pushing 50+ online processors over their limits. Besides time, another decisive factor was the specific request concerning the resolution of the final images: 3000 by 2250 pixels with photorealistic effect. Keeping in mind the fact that rendering time required to obtain every single picture of the lot of 23 commissioned was around 12 hours/machine, and the process for the elaboration of the 3D environment required the operator 240 hours/man, the entire production cycle resulted in 516 hours. Thanks to the reliable support of Mental Ray rendering engine and shared processing, we avoided any unexpected problem for our team and the customer, with mutual satisfaction ;)a094a1f52945eca57a566fa36810adee.jpg8099cdcbcda705214df426a77204392c.jpg5d1e0d479b9148416680d16915e4896e.jpg2372f3c4b07dd2cb165f35998b3bf11d.jpg82d4c964d0d7123943f599d40cc7865f.jpg3d0a410e4b3411b3b466bca3d22c5302.jpgaca440528601b8d3c019e11bd5ba5bb2.jpg49d5e0f938ab12a298971f58cfc19301.jpga5404d770aa25bcd6e3d700ceaca8fa8.jpgddc44303a7877f61644b368f70cf30a4.jpg1825eed832f98a837d1b51f284a27c42.jpg

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