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Waiting for a bus patiently

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Hi, that's my Giant Shaolin monk.

It's a personal project that I've done to improve my modeling and texturing skills.

The scene is based on a Moises Braga's concept art.

I've accomplished the whole process of this project, starting from modeling the character and the whole set in Maya 14, passing through texturing, sculpting, shading, lighting etc.

I've to mention Paolo Zucchetto and Pietro Licini for their precious advices.

Hope u like it.

Have fun! ;)68b6bba0a1e3556f9d46c9542afc8b2c.jpgdc7649b0a85365b640da3870572a9c46.jpg4575f7e7e66420720d6c12b4f40933da.jpgd7eef74ffa603c12bbaadae0bdb919d4.jpg14b8dbd12b9c961f2dfe66dd933c6358.jpg

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