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Neroh - Baby Comics


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Hi everybody,

I'm new on this forum and I'd like to join this awesome contest.

About me:

I'm a Freelance 3D and VFX artist. I've DAE studied in Kortrijk(Belgium).


I've worked for Grid-VFX(.com), Godfailed(.org) and many more.

You can find some of my work on http://www.neroh.be

I found this contest whilst browsing several forums.

It looked really cool to re-create a comic character in a baby form.

So I'll keep you posted on my progress here. I'll take regular screenshots of my work and post them here.

Oh I'm making Thor and Loki by the way.

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Welcome to treddi.com :hello:

nice job! keep it up!

"Il vero viaggio di scoperta non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell'avere nuovi occhi" (Marcel Proust)

"Due sono le cose infinite esistenti: l'universo e la stupidità degli uomini, ma sull'universo ho ancora qualche dubbio" (Albert Einstein)

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Good work! ;)

I'm going to have to remove some images from the previous posts due to space limits.

So enjoy them while you can! ;)

You can use an external host for update the images and post them here with a direct link!

Look here --> http://www.treddi.com/forum/topic/101730-come-posso-inserire-delle-immagini-nei-miei-post/

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