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Madai Bag animation

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Hi everybody,

3D animation created for MadaiBag, designed by Francesco Aceto. Modeling and animation with Cinema4D and VRay.

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The description of the project by Francesco Aceto:

"We daily deal with experimentation in the field of design and communication.We dissect .from the materials normally.neglected or underestimated.The idea is to move from everything already well established in the customs and traditions of a society..We chose to stray from pvc and from his peers,staying away from leather, rubber, and any other conventional material.For this reason we decided to create a bag in cardboard, what we all know as a container of fruit, protective packaging for electronic equipment,that we use for everything and we consider the least noble of all...This is how the bags Madài: completely made of cardboard, with colorful and attractive graphics.Cardboard doesn't mean weak!! It means Trendy!The bag is waterproof, ensuring a long strength and life of the same! can't take a shower with it or jump into a mud puddle!But under the rain no problem!.The upper closure is fixed joint, the shoulder strap can be adjusted as a function of the stature of the wearer, thanks to a regulator very easy to use.And..most important ..the price is very competitive & affordable."


For render visit

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