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Hello all,

This is a commissioned job of "four luxury contemporary homes set within the enclosed private grounds of an existing ecclesiastical mansion. The architectural language of the homes has been inspired by practice research into local vernacular typologies found within the conservation area and the wider rural landscape beyond."

Work was a bit heavy because it was four houses plus an old house and their interiors. Amount of images needed was pretty high. We now post some of our favourite exteriors.

Interiors to come soon.

Feel free to visit our facebook page:

C&C allways apreciated.

Jacinto Monteiro
















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Hi there,

Thanks for the apreciation of our work!

Light was pretty simple. Main light for all images was only an HDRI inside a dome light. Most of the shoots we used HDRI from and others we used Peter Guthrie HDRI 1941.

In the night shoots, to lit the interior, we used simple vray lights with strong warm color and some IES in the kitchen and some exterior ilumination fittings located in the garden or house walls.

There wasnt much photoshop here, except on the night shoots which we boosted the interior general light strenght by using-tweaking with the refraction channel.

Hope that helps a bit.


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