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  1. thumb
    L'immagine ritrae la città di Bergen, in Norvegia, mia prima città estera visitata. Preso dalla nostalgia e dal non poter viaggiare ho ricreato questo vicolo della città vecchia!! E' la prima volta qui su treddi, quindi ogni consiglio è ben accetto. Software utilizzati: 3ds Max, Vray e Photoshop
  2. thumb
    Ciao a tutti, spero che nonostante l'insolito periodo che stiamo attraversando, che tutti stiate bene, in salute e in forma. Dopo tanto tempo, ritorno per condividere come sempre con voi le mie personali produzioni. Questa volta si tratta di un progetto residenziale in Grecia nell'area Ellinikon vicino ad Atene. Di preciso è l'area vicino al vecchio aeroporto della città. Questo progetto residenziale di alta gamma e caratterizzato soprattutto per la quantità e tipologia della vegetazione. Tutto il lavoro è stato prodotto in 3ds Max ed è stato utilizzato Corona Renderer come motore princ
  3. thumb
    "Revelation", my latest work inspired by the surrealist paintings. “Everyday objects shriek aloud.” René Magritte Comments are welcome! Thanks www.unbuildcreativestudio.com ig: unbuildcreativestudio
  4. thumb
    Image winner at Cityscape Digital competition hosted by MADI Master in Venice and the "Excellence Award" on TheRookies.co awards. Description: This emergency has forced us into our homes, returning to our countries of origin we have rediscovered the value of being together, in a cohabitation, even if forced, with our families we have had to face an unforeseen threat but which has undoubtedly made us develop new convictions about our role in relation to family members, especially the most vulnerable. Villages, small towns, historic districts, are the places where living together ha
  5. thumb
    I tried to explore the Cabin scene a little more ... materials, lighting, and this result came out. Hope you like it!
  6. thumb
    How much can you reduce the elements in a scene and still achieve a good dramatic image? Here is an experiment where we tried to keep it VERY simple! The scene includes 4 main materials (concrete sails and floor, timber benches and stage, weathered plaster, metal altar and cross) and few basic geometries (check the building steps underneath) so we hope you enjoy the final effects. This was a very funny and quick project to work on as it tested our skills in 3D and the Photoshop aspect. We used 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop. Have a look to Dark Band Studio e-store HERE
  7. thumb
    Visualization: Giuseppe D'Agostino | DG Render & Design Design: Francesco Lops Interior Design Studio Collaborator: Giuseppe D'Agostino Location: Andria, Puglia - Italy CINEMA 4D | CORONA RENDER v5 | PHOTOSHOP CC
  8. thumb
    Our sense of smell and taste are the strongest triggers for recalling past fond memories that are locked away. “Infanzia”, comments are welcome. Thanks
  9. thumb
    This scene was developed to explore various angles and various applications of Corona Render materials, and of course several details that a home can become cozy! Full CGI: Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/93189533/Relax-House Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gt_3d/ Website: https://www.gt3d.com.br
  10. thumb
    Home Office Softwares: 3dmax / Corona / Photoshop
  11. thumb
    Close DOF - Freelancer 3dsmax | Corona Renderer | Photoshop Behance: https://www.behance.net/GustavoTassoniero Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gt_3d
  12. thumb
    Created with Twinmotion 2019 now owned by Unreal Engine Epic Games. Used megascan assets from Quixel Enjoy Thanks www.sciontidesign.com
  13. thumb
    My composition sofa modeled by me from photo reference used 3dsmax and cloth simulator, details in zbrush render with vray www.sciontidesign.com
  14. thumb
    My scandinavian render with unreal engine 4.22 using raytrace technology.Everything is in realtime, GI AO and reflections, no baking.Sofa modeled by me. Compared and ispired by real photo bottom one. www.sciontidesign.com
  15. thumb
    My Scandinavian interior realtime raytrace render Unreal Engine 4.22 Hdr lightning and raytrace technology no baked lights all realtime Sofa designed and modeled by me using 3dsmax and cloth simulator and zbrush for details. www.sciontidesign.com
  16. thumb
    Hello this is a screenshot render inside Unreal Engine 4.22 used raytrace and hdr lightning no baking everything is realtime www.sciontidesign.com Used RTX2070 Animation and more coming soon
  17. thumb
    My personal composition created with Unreal Engine 4.22 used raytrace technology and hdr lightning www.sciontidesign.com
  18. thumb
    My latest project of my personal sofa render with Corona Modeled and designed by me used 3dsmax cloth simulator and zbrush for details www.sciontidesigm.com
  19. thumb
    Sofa and sidetable modeled by me used 3dsmax and render with vray www.sciontidesign.com
  20. thumb
    My personal scifi environment render with Unreal Engine 4 Created floor with Quixel mixer and used megascan and hdr lightning Robot got on ue4 marketplace www.sciontidesign.com
  21. thumb
    This is my final forest house scene created all in 3D using Quixel Megascan assets and render with V-ray, HDR lightning and environment fog Hope you like www.sciontidesign.com
  22. thumb
    Project 19: Purl Rendering Client: 891. Anna Location: Atlanta, USA. Residential Exterior Building Design Ideas and Visualization of road side greenery & sitting place, garden and photo-realistic natural lighting by Yantram Exterior Rendering Services. Architectural rendering studio, 3d exterior rendering, 3d exterior design companies, 3d exterior modeling, architectural rendering service, exterior rendering services, 3d architectural visualisation, architectural visualization company, 3d exterior rendering services, commercial building rendering, visualization
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