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    melania4rusu reacted to Giuseppe Guzzardi in Slowly   
    Ciao ragazzi,
    ho finito questa immagine da un pochino e volevo condividere con voi.
    Quello che ho trovato grande è come è integrato Keyshot con ZBrush, con pochi ritocchi finali Photoshop e voillà!
    Che ne pensate?


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    melania4rusu reacted to metrocubicodigital in Treevillas   
    Hello all.

    This images are focused in a single vacation home, however, it is included in a set of nine similar houses, each one with 110 m2, located near the Bay of Troy in Portugal. The project was developed by the Portuguese architectural company "Modular System" for the Pestana Group - Ecoresort.

    Higher res here: http://metrocubicodigital.com/eng/project/treevillas

    Our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroCubicoDigital

    C&C welcome!




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