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  1. Boguslaw Sliwa

    House In The Mountain

    Hi. I work on the new project, and it's a house in the mountain. The stile of this building is from Zakpane. Zakopane is the winter metropolis of Poland.
  2. Boguslaw Sliwa

    " Bestia Biomeccanica "

    Very good work! ps. I think you should make language bigger. It don't like bestia's.
  3. Boguslaw Sliwa


    Hello Wery nice work. Try to add some efects like was in "sin city" (hard red blood near right eye and this same red on the mounth).
  4. Boguslaw Sliwa

    Castle In Malbork

    I forgot Lucinghialo - scanline + lighttracer Gabriele - as soon as i make visualisation and, as soon as i pass final exam on my university of technology i try to do this render
  5. Boguslaw Sliwa

    Castle In Malbork

    thanx for salutation And i have to tell you one thing. I now that the textures aren't good, but all model is witch accuracy 5cm. I do it this castle with oryginaly plans and photos. All of work is sometching about 2 years. For all of object is wery dificult to find/do wery good textures. Second thing is that it have to be night illumination (3th picture). There quality of all textures is practically not to sight. In the future i want to modyfi this thing but now i have to deadline 2 weeks for visualisation all of projects. If i find serwer i will take link to couple minutes wisualisation all castle and visualisation night illumination. Thanx for post and grettings from abroad SB
  6. Boguslaw Sliwa

    Castle In Malbork

    and next render where is conception the illumination of this castle
  7. Boguslaw Sliwa

    Castle In Malbork

    next render
  8. Boguslaw Sliwa

    Castle In Malbork

    ciao I come from Poland and it's my first post on this forum. The subject of this post is in the title, but i have to write, that this castle is the biggest bricks bulding in the Europe . I made this witch plans and photos. Write what are you thinking (also ilaty, becouse i anderstand but i can't write)