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  1. VitinhoM

    Jurassic Granja Turntable T-rex

    Thank you very much D@ve This is the making of the Teaser Project
  2. VitinhoM

    Jurassic Granja Turntable T-rex

    Hy Michele . Model in Zbrush, retopology in Maya. Texture in Mari and Render Maya/Arnold Composition:Nuke/After Effects Turntable http://vitinhom.tred...turntable-t-rex Thanks
  3. VitinhoM

    Jurassic Granja Turntable T-rex

    Turntable T-rex Jurassic Granja Project
  4. VitinhoM

    Jurassic Granja

    This project is a remake of a study done in 2004 Camera Tracker.
  5. VitinhoM


    This work was inspired in my childhood. The grape harvest for wine Colonial production was very fun. I still remember the many bites of bees hidden between the grapes.