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    Hello everyone, Miysis wants to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a series of images showing a personal version of what we believe could be a respectful reconstruction of an edifice that has endured for generations. We would want our proposition to evoke both its traditional structure whilst also taking on the ambitious challenge of developing a new vision that is more deeply rooted in our present. So that Notre Dame may not only recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time but also remain a striking and powerful symbol for all future generations to come. This
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    Hi everyone! We are part of a belgian 3D studio called Miysis and we decided to dedicate some of our free time to produce this 3D fanwork animation showcasing Tesla Products. Vimeo (best quality) : www.vimeo.com/225606186 Youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfTLIm8FtC8 We hope you will like it! We did it in 4 weeks, most of it during our evenings and weekends, using 3Ds Max and V-Ray! Maybe with your help, this could reach Elon Musk himself, it would be amazing! If you like what we did, don’t hesitate to share and comment. Thank you in advance for your strong support! Best,
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    Hello everyone, We wish you a happy new year 2016 ! To help you start it well, here is a 3D animation that Miysis created for Moods by Mobitec (Belgian furniture manufacturer). You'll discover their products in various architectural styles. We hope you'll enjoy it ! Follow us on: www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    Hello to all our likers! Miysis would like to share with you its first snowy images made for Mipi via the architecture agengy Arcadia. These images showcase new chalets in the Hautes-Alpes in France. This project was very interesting for us because the customer had full confidence in us and gave us creative liberty for framing, staging and atmosphere. All characters and vegetation were made in 3D because an animation will follow shortly. Everything was made using 3dsMax – VRay, Photoshop. Please give us your feelings/ comments! We hope you like it :)
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    We created these 3D images for ROM, a company specialized in sofas. These images showcase their product in different environments. Feel free to like, comment and share it :) Follow us on: www.facebook.com/miysis.be Tools: 3Ds Max - VRay – PS
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    Miysis made this animation for Techspace-aero . This video illustrates the upcoming changes of their industrial complex. Check out our first 3d aerial tracking at the 15" mark. Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be https://youtu.be/ikfeTAfzzc0
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    Miysis created these images to show the future stands of the Pop Up trade fair. Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    Miysis created this 3D animation for Clear Channel Belgium to present the biggest interactive digital screen in the very heart of Brussels. Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    We create didactic 3D images and animations allowing you to present the procedure dynamically and user-friendly. Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    We help you visualize architectural projects with detailed and believeable 3D visuals. Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    Here is a recent 3d architectural video produced by Miysis. Fell free to like, comment and share it Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    This is a 3D animation created for Ricoter via the communication agency Integral. This TV advert was created to introduce the Swiss weather forecast. Hope you like, comment and share it Follow us on: www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    Miysis made these images for Feltes & Associés. These images showcase the new apartments situated in Luxembourg. Follow us on: www.fcaebook.com/miysis.be
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    Here are our latest 3D images. Hope you like it Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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    3D animation by Miysis presenting the new Mobitec truck that showcases Mobitec furniture on the go. Follow us on: www.facebook.com/miysis.be
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