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  1. seghier

    Tour Virtuali a 360°

    Hi You can use them together but you can't compare two different softwares. I see some people create cars with sketchup , if they use blender they will save hours of work. With blender you can add elements and render what you did in sketchup. For example cloth animation , sculpting, uv mapping subdivision ....etc . which can used for interior and exterior architectural designs. Use them together and take what you need from blender.
  2. seghier

    Some grasshopper examples

    Hello i created some grasshopper definitions included in the videos except the video of bones i hope you find them useful
  3. seghier

    Maxwell Tool for Maxwell Render V4

    Hello if there are maxwell users here ; this tool will help them i created it to do some tasks like render animations ; replace materials ; replace hdrs (timelapse included) ... and more if the thread is in the wrong section please move it
  4. seghier

    problemi texture maxwell render

    hi did you solve the problem ?
  5. rendered with simlab composer
  6. seghier

    Seghier - Texturing : Letizia Sardo- Fontana

    ok i will export un-subdivided version and anyone can use subdivision modifier to get the best result
  7. yes i know it is the next phase but i can't wait maybe i will render another Fountain this is PNG version ; jpg have poor quality
  8. Thanks final render retouched a little with photoshop
  9. i reduce the water subdivision this is a scene include water created with realflow
  10. thank you file uploaded
  11. Version 1.0.1

    17 download

    Texturing of Letizia Sardo- Fontana Software used : Blender
  12. Thanks i uplaod blend file with textures packed the realflow water have a big size ; i can't upload it render not finished yet
  13. seghier

    Texturing : Letizia Sardo- Fontana

    hello i choose this model of "Letizia Sardo" because it's beautiful and natural i made a modification in blender : merge points ; recreate the basin ;the water ; the ropes ; un-subdivide stones ; rectreate the two small bamboo to prepare models for unwraping and uv mapping and i create water with realflow than i used sculpting in blender to add details and correction all textures used from this website : i used maxwell for rendering ( render not finish yet ); and here some photos from blender