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Everything posted by Bizon

  1. thumb
    this is my final image. slightly twiked previous one. good luck to everyone!
  2. ah ... this is rly great! the poses are ... totaly alive.
  3. hi! where should i post my final image? bec in my post is max ~500kb upload. im asking just to be sure xD. thx
  4. this character is the best! i rly like the hair and the facial expression.
  5. nice and green xD... like for the bite^^!
  6. thumb
    i almost finished it. this one is with little bit stronger contrast for sake of drama ^^.
  7. thumb
    lightning and finishing moves but i have to play little more with textures and baty model. i hope its clear that, that is a penguin with an umbrella on the curtain xD.
  8. thumb
    texturing of first one beginz
  9. i like the crazy face
  10. thumb
    little bit of doodling over ^^
  11. thumb
    first baby almost finished (modeling part). when i finish the clothing i'll reveal my idea xD.
  12. thumb
    Hi all. I am going to do a scene width two baby heroes, but for now here is just one baby xD. When i finish the babys ill set up the scene and post it. For now its little blury so i dont want to rush with posting something(if i change my mind).
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