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  1. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    this is my final image. slightly twiked previous one. good luck to everyone!
  2. Bizon

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    ah ... this is rly great! the poses are ... totaly alive.
  3. hi! where should i post my final image? bec in my post is max ~500kb upload. im asking just to be sure xD. thx
  4. Bizon

    Giaigio - Baby Comics

    this character is the best! i rly like the hair and the facial expression.
  5. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    different post.
  6. Bizon

    Leo91 - Baby Comics

    nice and green xD... like for the bite^^!
  7. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    i almost finished it. this one is with little bit stronger contrast for sake of drama ^^.
  8. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    lightning and finishing moves but i have to play little more with textures and baty model. i hope its clear that, that is a penguin with an umbrella on the curtain xD.
  9. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    putting stuff around...
  10. Bizon

    Bizon - Baby Comics

    refining the mask