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  1. Hey thanks man! Your entry is superb btw
  2. thumb
    Phew Finally! I'm calling this done... can't work on this anymore without missing the deadline. Everything done in Zbrush except compositing, which was done in Photoshop The final was me trying to get that iconic Tintin look referenced below: http://www.nishantto...1/10/tintin.jpg
  3. thumb
    Final tweaks and composition left...
  4. thumb
    Up next - Tintin's trusty dog Snowy! Gotta hurry Tintin.mov
  5. Haha Love it! Especially the bib Excellent job on the render too
  6. thumb
    Thanks D@ve Found some free time. Hope I can finish by the deadline
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    This competition nearly slipped my mind Worked on a basemesh
  8. thumb
    Hi everybody! I'll be making Tintin . I'll be using Zbrush to do most (if not all) of the work.
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