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    The Final image... since the administrators raise the upload max size i will upload to here and add a external link For external download: http://imageshack.com/a/img14/9191/7ab9.jpg
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    Render Passes people... after this i adjust the color with some Brightness/ Contrast, Vibrance/ Saturation, Color Balance and a warm Photo filter
  3. Hi everyone...i just wanna know where and when the winner will be announced? Thanks for the answer and good luck to everyone
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    Thanks Learner88, It's really good that someone like my work I will try a little bit more depth blur without losing the cat eye detail.
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    New update... Not yet finalized, but almost there... Next time i will share the different passes, and some post-production process... If someone have some advice, i will be glad to see them
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    Final steps... Scenario ready, now just need to render with all passes Maybe after i try to render in keyshot Hope you like
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    Back with news. Has been a long time since i share some of the work, so here it goes a new render test. Now with textures. I still got a long work ahead but i will try to share a little bit more.
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    Thanks alchemist. Has been reaaly fun work for this challenge. Good luck to you
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