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  1. Thank you so much everyone! @Leo91 , love your entry, great job!
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    Thank you so much! Here's some renders and wire. And an amazing Concept!!
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    Thank you so much everyone! Here's my Final Entry, hope you like it. I'm finishing the making off, soon I'll post some wires, shading stats, and clay renders. It's been really fun and good luck everyone!!
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    Hello everyone, sorry about the delay, here's a new shot of Baby hulk. Working on props and evironment now. As soon as I finish the entry I'll upload a tutorial also... nothing fancy, just explaining some of my pipeline. Thanks for watching and Hope you like it.
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    Thank you so much Player1! I'm already texturing and adding some props to the character, but still pretty raw so I'll post it as soon as I finish them. In the meantime, here's a fullshot, raw render, of the character. Lot to do, hope to finish it in time. I'm planning to do a step by step tutorial if I've time, explaining part of my process. That's why I did not post the topology captures yet. Thanks for watching and any C&C is welcome
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    First Render test, I think I'll change some of the overall shapes and teeths. No textures yet, just a simple material. I'll try to pose him and add some simple textures for next update. Thanks for watching and any C&C is welcome. Oh and have a nice Christmas day!
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    Hello everyone, I've been really busy with some studio work, so I couldn't update my Baby Hulk. Heres a new Zbrush capture, I've added some details and finished some retopo issues. I'll try to render it as soon as posible to see if the sculpture is working with the SSS. Any C&C is welcome, and thanks for watching! @Peter, as soon as I get home I'll make some captures of the retopology proccess.
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    Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad you like it. About the topology Peter, I did a quick sketch of the overall shapes in Zbrush, after that I did a Retopology in 3d max, i'll make some captures and upload em in this post if you want. Heres a capture of my first Zbrush pass, nothing fancy just shaping some areas before I start detailing. As always thank you for watching and any C&C is more than welcome!
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    Hey, I've being busy with some studio work so Baby Hulk progress has been slow. Thank you so much everyone for the comments! Here's another Viewport capture of the Base mesh, almost done, need to tweak some cloth parts but I'll start zbrushing soon! Hope you like it and as always any C&C is more than welcome. Thanks for watching.
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    - First of all , Hello everyone, I'm a Spaniard , located in Madrid.I saw this Contest in pixologic facebook page, and loved the theme! So here I am. - I decided to start with a Baby Hulk, hope you like it. I'll show all the process so any C&C is more than welcome. Heres the basemesh. - Thanks for watching.
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