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    Added particle FX, changed camera, tweaked light, Replaced Toy Models: Also, Happy Newyear everyone!
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    Time for another update: LightRig, (Arnold) First Lighting test and Nuke setup Added Some more textures, Fur test
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    Started Textures on Staff and Hammer: And started on an environment:
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    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I posted here, my apologies. I've worked some more on Thor & Loki. Since the last time I've started texturing them. First I've baked all the maps using xNormal and Zbrush. Then I've used these maps in Knald to create some nice AO, Convexity and Concavity maps. Then I've taken everything in to Mari and started ginving everything a color: (The Knald maps with a solid color:) I've been adding detail to the textures when I find some time: (These are rendered in Maya with the displacement maps. Next, I'll be working on more textur
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    Weapons Hi-Res: First draft of pose: I'm going to have to remove some images from the previous posts due to space limits. So enjoy them while you can!
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    The start of Thor's Hammer and Loki's Staff: (Modeled in Maya)
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    This is where I'm going to leave Loki for a while. For now I'm going to be working on props like Thor's hammer and Loki's Staff. Also I'm starting to think about the setting/poses for the final image.
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    For Loki I started with the same baby model. Made some adjustments to make him look like an evil brother. Then I quickly modelled the Basic Details in Maya. And so the sculpting begins.
  9. Thanks! I'll be working on Loki tomorrow, I'll keep posting!
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    The start of the process: Create a basic baby.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm new on this forum and I'd like to join this awesome contest. About me: I'm a Freelance 3D and VFX artist. I've DAE studied in Kortrijk(Belgium). (http://www.digitalar...ntertainment.be) I've worked for Grid-VFX(.com), Godfailed(.org) and many more. You can find some of my work on http://www.neroh.be I found this contest whilst browsing several forums. It looked really cool to re-create a comic character in a baby form. So I'll keep you posted on my progress here. I'll take regular screenshots of my work and post them here. Oh I'm making Thor and Loki by the
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