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    Questo è un altro progetto personale eccitante che utilizza Maya, zBrush e KeyShot.
  2. Thanks! Yes, it is shiny but not the full sponge. I meant it to be a bit shiny where usually the moisture in the holes of the sponge when you pour syrup on before covering it with the cream. That's how a moisturized chocolate cake looks like and it is more appealing than rather a dried sponge. I hope it makes sense for your question. ?
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    This moment I have the desire to work on making desserts. It is a very difficult task, but I want to find out on how far can it go. This is a personal project.
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    A personal project models using Maya/zBrush to test the rendering capabilities of KeyShot.
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    Ho creato il modello con Marvelous Designer e l'ho fatto il rendering con keyhot usando il "RealCloth" material con "Fiber FlayAway".
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    Ho usato Maya con mudbox e keyshot render.
  7. Ciao! Lo fatto grazie ? Una domanda, posso caricare più immagini con diverse angolazioni per lo stesso progetto?
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    Ciao! Ho fatto gli oggetti usando Maya con Arnold
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    Kermit the frog is also resting at home?
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