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  1. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    I am still not satisfied with this character . Any suggestions ?? Google Translate : Io non sono ancora soddisfatto di questo personaggio. Qualche suggerimento?
  2. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Now making Baby Storm. I want her blowing air in the final image and i found some nice references on google images
  3. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Well ... I still have 3 characters to make ... Storm, Nightcrawler AND none other than ... Stan 'The Man' Lee !!! I was thinking of making The Thing too but i am not sure yet ... lets see I can't make the whole fantastic group because : 1. I don't have the time to model so many characters ... i can only work during holidays, then I will be busy with my college. 2. Even if i was making the whole team, then making Human Torch would not be possible ( I am using Blender and rendering in Cycles , and as you may know , it doesn't support volumetric rendering yet. So that means either no fire OR very poor looking one. Maybe someday ...
  4. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Well ... considering that his hair got grizzled AFTER he and the other members of the team got in contact with the cosmic radiations , that is only when he got his powers. And I HAVE to show him using his powers in the final scene ... so I thought that it would be a good decision to make his hair grizzled ... plus it makes him look more like Mr. Fantastic rather than normal Reed Richards . Haha And yes !! The eyebrows ! Totally forgot about them !!
  5. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Thank you sir ! This is the first time I have ever took part in an online contest OR posted in a forum. And i just want to say that I love the constant feedback! I love this forum AND the people here ... you guys are awesome !!
  6. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    I am ALMOST finished with Mr. Fantastic !!
  7. RahulParihar

    Tanassi - Baby Comics

    Haha nice concept !! I am using Blender too ... good luck for the competition ... i follow you
  8. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Making the suit
  9. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Done with the head .
  10. RahulParihar

    Learner88 - Baby Comics

    Your concept art is too good ! I follow with huge interest
  11. RahulParihar

    RobuschiArteImage - Baby Comics

    Great sculpting skills sir !! I follow with interest
  12. RahulParihar

    RahulParihar - Baby Comics

    Just downloaded and installed sculptris. Watched a few tutorials on YouTube. Its time for some sculpting !! Then i will retopologize the High-Res model in Blender later.