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  1. thumb
    I am still not satisfied with this character . Any suggestions ?? Google Translate : Io non sono ancora soddisfatto di questo personaggio. Qualche suggerimento?
  2. thumb
    Now making Baby Storm. I want her blowing air in the final image and i found some nice references on google images
  3. thumb
    Well ... I still have 3 characters to make ... Storm, Nightcrawler AND none other than ... Stan 'The Man' Lee !!! I was thinking of making The Thing too but i am not sure yet ... lets see I can't make the whole fantastic group because : 1. I don't have the time to model so many characters ... i can only work during holidays, then I will be busy with my college. 2. Even if i was making the whole team, then making Human Torch would not be possible ( I am using Blender and rendering in Cycles , and as you may know , it doesn't support volumetric rendering yet. So that means either no fire OR very poor looking one. Maybe someday ...
  4. thumb
    Well ... considering that his hair got grizzled AFTER he and the other members of the team got in contact with the cosmic radiations , that is only when he got his powers. And I HAVE to show him using his powers in the final scene ... so I thought that it would be a good decision to make his hair grizzled ... plus it makes him look more like Mr. Fantastic rather than normal Reed Richards . Haha And yes !! The eyebrows ! Totally forgot about them !!
  5. thumb
    Thank you sir ! This is the first time I have ever took part in an online contest OR posted in a forum. And i just want to say that I love the constant feedback! I love this forum AND the people here ... you guys are awesome !!
  6. Haha nice concept !! I am using Blender too ... good luck for the competition ... i follow you
  7. Your concept art is too good ! I follow with huge interest
  8. Great sculpting skills sir !! I follow with interest
  9. thumb
    Just downloaded and installed sculptris. Watched a few tutorials on YouTube. Its time for some sculpting !! Then i will retopologize the High-Res model in Blender later.
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