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    I'll try to adjust the face later. I tried to pose and adjust some texture first so I can model the monster that he will face. hahahaha.
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    Xexex- ok dude. I'll try to reduce it. rasheen- HAhahahahaha. yeah, they look similar. hahahaha. thanks for the critique dude.
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    Awwwwww. the face again. I'll try to tweak it again sir. hahahaha. thank you!
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    Experimenting on textures. hahahaha. A lot of things to redo. rendered in marmoset
  5. thumb
    blocking out his costume. I'm not happy with his face yet.
  6. thumb
    I tweaked the proportions and used a lot of reference on the face to make it look like a baby(sort of), Comment and critiques are welcome.
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    I did the boots on maya and zbrush. ok sir. I'll try to tweak it to make it look more like a baby. thanks for the advice!
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    A little update on my hellboy. I'm excited to model his other hand.
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