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  1. Im sorry every body... I run out of time... I cant make it for today but... I will post my work soon... sorry
  2. Classic batman and robin but Nolans joker... kind of cool
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    here is my 3rd character ... now its time to run cuz Im too late
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    Here is my progress on the contest... Im a little late but Im working hard... hope can make it...
  5. looking pretty good man
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    hello I want to share my little progress on the contest... I start with a base mesh made in 3ds max Then I made some shape sculpting in zbrush... I realy had a hard time achieveing the shape of the eyes that I want... But finally I got the base shape to make this work Hope you like it and be free to comment
  7. marvel and DC on the same image???... awesome
  8. Im doing a character that its not the main character but still a relevant character... is that good??? or just can be the main characters?... for example... enemies, or sidekicks?...
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    Hello every body... this is my first time getting involved with any kind of 3d modeling contest... I hope I can bring something worthy
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