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  1. Wiull

    I vincitori del Baby Comics Contest

    First, Congratulation to the winners! Sencond, What I am about to wright doesn't have the intetion of debunk the First and Second places, as we have spoken during the contest, I found their jobs awsome, but Leo91 is the best one. I don't agree with D@ve, it is not a matter of taste, you must consider technic, art direction, style, skill, complexity of the models and the scene and the work of Leo91 is superior in every aspect.
  2. Wiull

    Making Of "Cafe Racer"

  3. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Thank you, Leo! Thanks a lot!
  4. Wiull

    Leo91 - Baby Comics

    Awsome man! Great Work!
  5. Wiull

    Leo91 - Baby Comics

    Amazing work man!!! Congratulation!!
  6. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Thank you DAiki!
  7. Wiull

    polymator - Baby Comics

    Great, man. Very classy, cool poses and chaders. Looking good! Congratulations!
  8. Wiull

    Cicer - Baby Comics

    Hahahahahaha, Awsome man!
  9. Wiull

    Giaigio - Baby Comics

    Hahahahahahahahaha, Super Cool!!! Amazing!
  10. Wiull

    C1Workshop - Baby Comics.

    Awsome!!! Looks great, you could have used the whole model, because it is fantastic!
  11. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Thanks Xexex! I really appreciate your complements.
  12. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Thank you guys for the complements and (more important) for the critics, you´re absolutely right.
  13. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Folowing the wise advise from Learner88, here is an update. Thanks a lot! Final one.
  14. Wiull

    Nduul - Baby Comics

    Pretty impressive work! The compostion looks alive. I would only use a little depht in the boy in the first plane. Congratulations!
  15. Wiull

    Wiull - Baby Comics

    Thanks Learner88 for the critics, they make all sense. There is a zdepht in the image, but I used it very slightly due to the size of the scene, because the vegetation in the back are so far behinde it got too blury and it didn´t match the sky, and I thought it got more distracting than not having the zdepht at all, so I use it very, very slightly. The blue atmosphere would surely make a diference though. Thanks a lot!