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    "Revelation", my latest work inspired by the surrealist paintings. “Everyday objects shriek aloud.” René Magritte Comments are welcome! Thanks www.unbuildcreativestudio.com ig: unbuildcreativestudio
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    Our sense of smell and taste are the strongest triggers for recalling past fond memories that are locked away. “Infanzia”, comments are welcome. Thanks
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    Our latest work “ The Bund” an image describing the soul pain of modern society. Hoping for a brighter future Comments are welcome! 3Ds Max / Vray For more follow us on Instagram and Behance https://www.instagram.com/unbuildcreativestudio/ https://www.behance.net/FedericoSalmaso Grazie
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    Interior design proposal for a private apartment in Shanghai. Concept and Visualization by Unbuild Creative Studio. Comments are welcome! thanks
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    Winter mood for the first image of the year. "the observatory". Comments are welcome! thanks
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    “summer 19”, the 11th of my #digitalcanvas collection. Hope you like it! #3dart#interiors #coral #vray
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    "7:21", the 10th of my #digitalcanvas collection. Inspired by chiaroscuro masterpieces, I want to express the beauty and the deep meaning of our daily life moments. Hope you like it ! Comments are welcome Grazie Federico
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    “7:10”, 8th of my #digitalcanvas collection, inspired by still-life, chiaroscuro paintings. Comments are welcome! Hope you like it!
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    Hi all, This is my first Christmas image. It's called "Christmas morning", hope you like it. Comments are welcomed. Best wishes to all
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    My latest personal work "autumn" 5th piece of my #digitalcanvas collection. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
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    My latest personal work "Apples On a Marble Top" the third for my #digitalcanvas collection. I took inspiration from the recent Leiden Collection Exhibition Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals in the Dutch Golden Age. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
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    My latest personal work "breakfast" the 4th piece of my #digitalcanvas project. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
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    A free time interior interior design work. Personal tribute to Yves Klein " I did not like the nothing, and it is thus that I met the empty, the deep empty, the depth of the blue" Y.K. Hope you like it
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