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  1. thumb
    Winter mood for the first image of the year. "the observatory". Comments are welcome! thanks
  2. thumb
    “summer 19”, the 11th of my #digitalcanvas collection. Hope you like it! #3dart#interiors #coral #vray
  3. thumb
    "7:21", the 10th of my #digitalcanvas collection. Inspired by chiaroscuro masterpieces, I want to express the beauty and the deep meaning of our daily life moments. Hope you like it ! Comments are welcome Grazie Federico
  4. thumb
    “7:10”, 8th of my #digitalcanvas collection, inspired by still-life, chiaroscuro paintings. Comments are welcome! Hope you like it!
  5. thumb
    Hi all, This is my first Christmas image. It's called "Christmas morning", hope you like it. Comments are welcomed. Best wishes to all
  6. thumb
    My latest personal work "autumn" 5th piece of my #digitalcanvas collection. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
  7. thumb
    My latest personal work "Apples On a Marble Top" the third for my #digitalcanvas collection. I took inspiration from the recent Leiden Collection Exhibition Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals in the Dutch Golden Age. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
  8. thumb
    My latest personal work "breakfast" the 4th piece of my #digitalcanvas project. The beauty in our daily life moments. Hope you like it
  9. thumb
    A free time interior interior design work. Personal tribute to Yves Klein " I did not like the nothing, and it is thus that I met the empty, the deep empty, the depth of the blue" Y.K. Hope you like it
  10. thumb
    “Cloudy afternoon” is a free time work done during a boring rainy day in Shanghai, the city where I’m living and working. I tried to express my mood with the softness of the light, playing with one of my favorite color palette. As interior designer I put attention on details and materials. Hope you guys like it.
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