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  1. Hello there, I´d like to share my latest job. ref: Hi res: Behance Thx!!
  2. caue rodrigues

    Duo Project

    Hello guys, this is a personal project we did at carnival holiday (Brazil). Ref from internet. Shading/post: Caue Rodrigues Decorative elements: Mariane Conceicao Rodrigues 3ds Max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop Hi-Res: fan page: cauerodriguesarchviz
  3. caue rodrigues


  4. caue rodrigues


    Hello everyone, This is my new personal project, "Romantic". Software used: Sketchup, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Corona Renderer. References: Romantic Beach Retreat | Home Adore
  5. caue rodrigues

    Little Tree

    Hi All, one more shot using Corona A6, 3ds Max and Photoshop. Pt+Pt default settings, DOF on. Hope you like it and comments are welcome.
  6. caue rodrigues

    Mimosa House V 2.0

    Another camera:
  7. caue rodrigues

    Mimosa House V 2.0

    Hello everyone, this is my new personal project, not so new project, I restarted it taking advantage of the launch of the corona A6. project: Mimosa Road / Park + Associates Pte Ltd -http://www.archdaily...ciates-pte-ltd/ Thanks a lot!!
  8. caue rodrigues

    Mari Scene

    Mari scene Hi folks, this is a personal project that I developed using 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop for post production. 2:30 hours Thx a lot!!
  9. caue rodrigues

    Old Pilar

  10. caue rodrigues

    Old Pilar

    Hello everyone, my last personal project. The only thing that the pillar was modeled using zbrush. The remaining are ready models from my library. Criticisms and comments are welcome.
  11. caue rodrigues

    Dança do Ar

    2 hours Lestat
  12. caue rodrigues

    Sala Branca

    Hello everyone, new work using 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. Critics and comments are welcome.
  13. caue rodrigues

    Dança do Ar

    Ciao a tutti, questa immagine è stata creata con un nuovo renderer sto testando: Corona renderer. Spero che ti piace.
  14. caue rodrigues

    Sunrise Bedroom

    Thank you, I have not modeled the chair, as well as the wall clock, books and flower. The rest I modeled. Yes, I used the Marvelous designer, I had the help of my friends Ramon Zancanaro and Thi Lima
  15. caue rodrigues

    Sunrise Bedroom

    Ciao a tutti, ecco un recente lavoro. Spero che ti piace: