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  1. PICSIMstudio

    Free 3D Blueberry scene

    Hi! it has been a while since i last posted here. I wanted to share with you a test that i made with this free scene. I added a few more blueberries... I hope you like it! PS. Thanks GraphicArtsAttitude for the model.
  2. PICSIMstudio

    Ferrari 458 Italia

    Ciao, no, the modeling wasn´t done by me. I am glad you liked it. thanks
  3. PICSIMstudio

    Ferrari 458 Italia

    Non Commercial Project HDRI / Backplate - HDRI4FREE Lighting, Shading, Rendering and Post-production by Germano Vieira/ PICSIMstudio
  4. PICSIMstudio


    Hi Cristian, sorry for calling you Crispa, it was the name above your avatar. My mistake I think that using "pre-made"characters is a good way of learning and testing other things like skin shaders (which was my goal here) in case you don´t have the time to make everything from scratch. The companies that provide these trial models are counting on artists to test them and share their results, otherwise they wouldn´t share them for free. You can see it all over the internet with models from Infinite Realities, Ten24, and so on. Even in the game / film industry companies are starting to use more an more these scanned models instead of modeling and texturing everything from scratch. So I think it is more like a personal issue, wether you want to use them or not. I was only curious of seeing some results with Marmoset which is a program that I never used, so I was hoping to learn something here. Sorry if I offended you, that wasn´t my intention. Thanks for your advices. When I find the time, I hope to make another skin test and I will surely take them into consideration. About hair and fur, it´s one of the things that I would also like to explore in a near future. Thanks again for your feedback. Germano Vieira
  5. PICSIMstudio


    Hi crispa! Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your interest. Well, recently I started testing skin shaders and this is my second one. So I know there is a lot to be improved. I focused more on compositing, lighting and shading but I also made a few changes in the maps and created a few more based on the diffuse texture to achieve the effect that I wanted. I don´t work with Marmoset but I would like to see some renders of this model with it, so I invite you to make some and share them with us on Treddi! I can´t wait to see them! Thanks again!
  6. PICSIMstudio


    Thanks DAiki!
  7. PICSIMstudio


    Hello everyone! This is my last work. I hope you like it! Skin shader, rendering and Post- Production by Germano Vieira. 3D Model and textures by Eisko. Thanks
  8. PICSIMstudio

    Lee Perry Smith

    Hello everyone! I wanted to study and create a human skin shader so I decided to use Lee Perry Smith´s 3D Scanned model from Infinite Realities (, and make my own version of it. In this project I also wanted to test the depth of field direct from the render instead of adding it in Post-Production. I hope you like it!
  9. PICSIMstudio

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Thanks Farins! I appreciate your support! Don´t forget to click Mi Piace on the image if you wan´t the image to stay in the frontpage gallery!
  10. PICSIMstudio

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Thanks DAiki!
  11. PICSIMstudio

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Hello everyone! These are my entries for the Keyshot 2014 Auto Render Competition. I hope you like it! Credits: Car model: Mario Rossi / Kangal Tire sidewall texture: Colorsponge Backplates and HDRI: EXIDGE Rendering and post-production: Germano Vieira / PICSIMstudio Thanks!
  12. PICSIMstudio

    Making Of - Morgan 3 Wheeler (an Advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company)

    That´s ok! The tutorial was originally written in English and was translated into Italian by Michele71 from
  13. PICSIMstudio

    Making Of - Morgan 3 Wheeler (an Advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company)

    Ciao Nebaquila, grazie! sorry for answering you in English but my written Italian is not that good I used two different materials for the tyres, one for the tyre track and the other for the tyre side wall. My materials were based on the Iray rubber preset and I just changed it a little bit to make it more reflective for the sidewall, and less reflective on the tyre track. For the sidewall I just applied a UWV map with box mapping because the distortions were small and it was a lot faster than unwrapping it, and then added a simple map in the bump map slot of the sidewall material. The tyre track dirt was done in Post-Production with a noise filter. Thanks
  14. PICSIMstudio

    Making Of - Morgan 3 Wheeler (an Advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company)

    Prego! Grazie anche a Treddi per questa opportunità!