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  1. thumb
    Non Commercial Project. Full CGI. 2019 Testing DOF, PBR Textures and Studio Lighting. Coffee Texture Credit: RD Textures
  2. thumb
    Lighting and animation test. 2018 Model Credit: Marco Dabrovic.
  3. thumb
    Non commercial Project. 2019 Render Credit: Germano Vieira / PICSIMstudio Duron Automotive Backplates | STR MB1 Download: https://gum.co/str-mb1
  4. thumb
    Hi! it has been a while since i last posted here. I wanted to share with you a test that i made with this free scene. I added a few more blueberries... I hope you like it! PS. Thanks GraphicArtsAttitude for the model.
  5. Ciao, no, the modeling wasn´t done by me. I am glad you liked it. thanks
  6. thumb
    Non Commercial Project HDRI / Backplate - HDRI4FREE Lighting, Shading, Rendering and Post-production by Germano Vieira/ PICSIMstudio
  7. thumb
    Hi Cristian, sorry for calling you Crispa, it was the name above your avatar. My mistake I think that using "pre-made"characters is a good way of learning and testing other things like skin shaders (which was my goal here) in case you don´t have the time to make everything from scratch. The companies that provide these trial models are counting on artists to test them and share their results, otherwise they wouldn´t share them for free. You can see it all over the internet with models from Infinite Realities, Ten24, and so on. Even in the game / film industry companies are starting to use more an more these scanned models instead of modeling and texturing everything from scratch. So I think it is more like a personal issue, wether you want to use them or not. I was only curious of seeing some results with Marmoset which is a program that I never used, so I was hoping to learn something here. Sorry if I offended you, that wasn´t my intention. Thanks for your advices. When I find the time, I hope to make another skin test and I will surely take them into consideration. About hair and fur, it´s one of the things that I would also like to explore in a near future. Thanks again for your feedback. Germano Vieira
  8. thumb
    Hi crispa! Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your interest. Well, recently I started testing skin shaders and this is my second one. So I know there is a lot to be improved. I focused more on compositing, lighting and shading but I also made a few changes in the maps and created a few more based on the diffuse texture to achieve the effect that I wanted. I don´t work with Marmoset but I would like to see some renders of this model with it, so I invite you to make some and share them with us on Treddi! I can´t wait to see them! Thanks again!
  9. thumb
    Hello everyone! This is my last work. I hope you like it! Skin shader, rendering and Post- Production by Germano Vieira. 3D Model and textures by Eisko. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/picsimstudio
  10. thumb
    Hello everyone! I wanted to study and create a human skin shader so I decided to use Lee Perry Smith´s 3D Scanned model from Infinite Realities (http://ir-ltd.net/), and make my own version of it. In this project I also wanted to test the depth of field direct from the render instead of adding it in Post-Production. I hope you like it! http://picsimstudio....om/picsimstudio
  11. thumb
    Thanks Farins! I appreciate your support! Don´t forget to click Mi Piace on the image if you wan´t the image to stay in the frontpage gallery!
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