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  1. AndersonBr

    My classic kitchen.

    Hello everybody! My classic kitchen version, wood and a green wallpaper. I did this scene with Maya and Mental Ray. Feedback are welcome. Thanks!
  2. AndersonBr

    Exterior Project

    Bravo! Amazing job, and a good reference about Iray. thanks for talk about this limitation.
  3. AndersonBr

    Exterior Project

    Amazing job, the only thing that need some adjusts: grass.
  4. AndersonBr

    A Blue Bedroom

    Hello everybody! This is a old personal project, and now i did a update. The blue color is my own favorite and i use in my projects. All objects are made by me. Maya and MR with FG+Imp+Irr. PS and Toxik for final composite. Hope you liked. Thanks to Alex Sandri, that gave me some tips to make a project more realistic. Thanks at all!
  5. AndersonBr

    A Blue Living Room

    Hello everybody, that a personal project, i did with Mental Ray and Maya. I Used FG+Imp+Irr. For post process i used PS. Hope you like! Thanks for comment and more.
  6. AndersonBr


    Nice work, great! Maybe one thing, the sun position gives yellow color to some objects but not on the ambient. Connect a yellow light to color of portal light, maybe it helps. This is my opinion. =D
  7. Hello everybody, my "Dinner Room" project, i did with Maya and MR, with the help of Alex Sandri, "MAster of MR". This has only daylight and environment lighting. I used Importons and Irradiance Particles.For environment lighting, IBL made by IBL labs.
  8. Hi Michele71, everything i did with maya and mental ray, post process with Toxik. The external light " burn " tried to seem like real photo. Thank you for comment!
  9. Hello everybody, I'm a new member, this image I made with the help of Alex Sandri, had many tests and many changes, until I got to get to that final image. Thank you all. Anderson Brazil.