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    less modeling and more rendering but still not a good result so tired
  2. wwow hoh last one is awesome and you done a great job man
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    i am so bad with rendering and stuff
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    hellboy wip still need some maps and deformation work
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    thanks michele. this is my hellboy updates and it still doesn't look like a baby version but
  6. good expression ,she looks so cute.
  7. nice work and i like the realistic look and wrinkles.
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    hellboy is still in wip but when i will complete the dress and texture then i'll show you guys .. right now i made a supergirl and i am gonna rig and pose it. if you guys have any advice or critics then plz share it wireframe default material color view render view
  9. wow ruffus. looking forward to the league
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    warcraft "LOL" yes it does looks like... not like baby but yeah i am working on it. just like i said i am gonna turn this to more baby look but still muscular ish baby. i am using mouse so its little hard to make muscles so i came up with this method which give me something something this is how i create muscles which is so durty rightnow https://vimeo.com/79731023
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    this is the baby version of hellboy and if this entry count then i'll post my WIP here. my next move will be like make it more muscular baby ish wireframe default material front view let me know if i didn't follow the rules
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