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  1. Encho Enchev

    Night fighter

  2. Hi guys I havent posted in a while here are some of my Assassin's Creed Rogue artworks http://1.bp.blogspot.../s1600/ACR2.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.../s1600/ACR3.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.../s1600/ACR4.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.../s1600/ACR6.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR10.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR11.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR12.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR13.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR14.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR15.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR16.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR17.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR18.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR19.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR20.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR21.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR22.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR23.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot...s1600/ACR24.jpg
  3. Encho Enchev

    new interior design

    This is my latest interior design
  4. I decided to share some of my works from the game...I am posting in this section because it is mostly interior design and is the link with the pictures and one sample
  5. Encho Enchev

    medieval castle

    Well basically I created 10 modules and I rotated them around and that's it. This is the same metod that we use in AC games here in Ubisoft. I use Max for the modeling ,V-ray for lighting and PS for post.
  6. Encho Enchev

    medieval castle

    This is my latest 3D was hard to find the rights settings for a night render because the scene looks different on every monitor.I decided to post something in between the 2 results (too dark and too brightened)...
  7. Encho Enchev

    Creature head designs

    Maybe I will make some Z-brush models after a couple of months...
  8. Encho Enchev

    Creature head designs

    Last week I watched Alien 3 again and I was inspired to create some creature designs. Before the drawing stage I gathered a lot of references of animals and bugs and I tried to integrate some of their looks on my designs. I also realized that it is very hard to create something new because there are 1000 of films and games that have that kind of stuff. In the beginning I had allmost 100 head sketches but I ended up using only half of them. Hopefully you guys will like some of them...
  9. Encho Enchev

    concepts update

    new drawing
  10. Encho Enchev

    Lab YLB

    very good renders
  11. Encho Enchev

    concepts update

    I am inspired by those movies and if you check the name of the third drawing - it's Giger's cave (the designer of the original alien)
  12. Encho Enchev

    Spaceship concepts

    Those are my latest concepts...I also have some new stuff on my blog