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  1. Hello everybody. This project is based on Turner Residence by Jensen Architects as reference. "Practice make perfect" Soft: 3DSMax 2014, V-ray 3.0 , Arion Fx, Lightroom, Photoshop. C&C welcome P.S. At the moment, I am free, and is interested in new projects. If you have any suggestions, or you are interested in my services, please write me an email
  2. The Moment

    Hello colleagues! I want to share with you my last personal project. I called him "The Moment". Software: 3DsMax 2014, Vray-3.0, CS6 What do you think about this project? Regards.
  3. Living Knot By Polymur

    Thank a lot davide p!
  4. Living Knot By Polymur

  5. Living Knot By Polymur

    Hi giuba! Thanks a lot!
  6. Living Knot By Polymur

    Hello!! Thank you very much!)
  7. Living Knot By Polymur

  8. Living Knot By Polymur

    Hello everyone. The personal project is done in spare time. I will be happy for your comments. Software used: 3Ds Max- V-Ray - Ps. My facebook page Camera_1735 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr Camera_1123 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr Camera_1 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr Camera_1808 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr Camera_1928 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr Camera_2118 by Oleg_Kuchmin, on Flickr
  9. Wissioming2 Robert Gurney

    Thanks. Agree with you, the best model for close-up.
  10. Wissioming2 Robert Gurney

    Hi! I would like to present to you a little project which I did for my portfolio. I really liked the house Wissioming2 Robert Gurney so I decided to experiment a bit. As always C&C welcome. Thanks. 3D Max+Vray+Photoshop= Nice image Uploaded with