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    Daniele Pagella got a reaction from Michele71 in modificatore cloth non termina la simulazione   
    Questa la risposta che potrebbe aiutare chi ha avuto lo stesso problema, in attesa che sviluppino un sistema più efficiente
    "I've been struggling with the over-stretched error message that Cloth fx gives you for a long time and recently I've found a way to get over the problem and be able to complete the simulation. I wanted to help anyone out there struggling with the same problem over and over again.

    "First, you click Simulate until the over-stretched message comes up and the simulation crashes. When that happens, go to the frame before the last frame that could be simulated. Then click truncate simulation. That will remove the last simulated frame and will make you able to click simulate again 1 frame before the over-stretched problem came up.

    "Now, go to the group sub-panel in the Cloth modifier, click Group and select all vertices. Click Make Group. Now select the group that you created and click surface and then click on the character body or the surface that the cloth is supposed to be on. 

    "Now click Simulate and you'll be able to continue the simulation. What I do is to continue the simulation that way until I guess that the body or surface comes to a position that won't give problems to the cloth and won't make it over-stretched. When you think that moment has come, stop the simulation, go the group sub-panel and delete the group. Then, click simulate and if the body or surface is in a position that isn't giving any more problems, the simulation will continue."

    One other thing you could consider is to (temporarily) put a Shell modifier on your cloth (and possibly on top of your collision objects) to give some additional thickness for the simulation. You can then remove the modifier, allowing the cloth to float a slight distance away from the original objects (but not enough to look strange in a render.) 

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