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  1. Que alegria... Muchas gracias al jurado por elegirme entre todos los grandes trabajos que se han presentado. (Me habeis hecho una mujer muyy felizzz!) gracias! También a todos los que habeis comentado y me habeis ayudado con vuestros consejos y me habeis acogido en vuestro foro, a pesar de ser recién llegada. Felicidades a Enos Ektho y Duccio, y a muchos otros , a todas las imágenes geniales y concursantes que seguiran siendo grandes "competidores" compañeros y/o amigos en otras ocasiones. (hopefully) y Gracias Claudio!
  2. Ouch,I feel sorry for the jury,they have a really hard work here ... there are very nice and well done works... Congratulations and good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks to my friend Valentina you can read it in italian if you wish. (Thank you very much Valentina! ) Menzogne romantiche. Il mondo é diventato un luogo tossico. Molte specie animali sono scomparse e quelle che rimangono ne sono in grave pericolo. Si fanno grandi sforzi per salvare questi animali. La loro scarsità gli ha fatti diventare esseri amati e valorizzati come mai prima. Mangiare é un lusso. Respirare é mortale. Gli esperimenti genetici, per necessitá, si sono approvati. Sono una speranza per salvare quello che rimane o di resuscitare quello che non c' é gi
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    Now in English I tried my best here... Romantic Ironies... The world has become a toxic place. Many animal species have disappeared and those remaining are at high risk of doing so. Great efforts are made to rescue these perishable goods. Its scarcity has made them cherished and valued as never before. Eating is a luxury, breathing is deadly. Genetic experiments, by necessity, have been approved. The hope is to save what is left or relive what's gone. Precious biological treasures are kept in sealed high-security warehouses, under the best conditions, with one eye wat
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    Im afraid is too late for changes, thank you anyway Bernardo. Para aquellos que entiendan español. Esta es la historia. La "pequeña" historia. Mentiras románticas El mundo se ha vuelto un lugar tóxico. Muchas especies animales han desaparecido y las que quedan esta en grave peligro de hacerlo. Se hacen grandes esfuerzos en rescatar estos vienes perecederos. Su escasez les ha hecho queridos y valorados como nunca antes. Comer es un lujo, respirar es mortal. Los experimentos genéticos, por necesidad, se han aprobado. Son una esperanza de salvar lo que queda o de revi
  6. Thats Incredible. Amazing. Really, really Great.
  7. wow, you started the race in the last minute, but its looking good! Come on!! Have luck with that Final Render! You already got it
  8. Wow, the texture Really well done. Congrats, Huber!
  9. Really nice work Huber, beautiful details and I appreciate that you write the story that makes it even better!
  10. Funny, different and i love the colors. but... how did you come to that idea?
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    Thank you all for your nice comments Ive been a little busy last days. Here you can see the lighting and the compo, God I have such little time left...im already feeling the adrenaline. Turbo Mode ON!
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