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  1. anara

    Huber - Metamorphosis

    HI Huber you did an excellent job. It is my favorite Congratulations! I like your character very much. I wish you much luck, but I don't think you will need it.
  2. anara

    enos Metamorphosis

    I love the face and the texture of her suit, is a great job, I wish you luck.
  3. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    thank you Huber
  4. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Hi everyone, This is my final image. Wishing you all the best!
  5. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    hi everyone. i am posting a render of my model. I will post the final image in a few hours. I am finalizing the details.
  6. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Hi, Thanks everyone for yor comments
  7. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Hi everyone. This is my model that I have been making progress on. It is nearly complete
  8. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Thanks D@ve, well i uploaded a part of what i have completed. I`m still trying to gather all of my ideas.
  9. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Hello and thank you all for the welcome and for responding to my questions. i would also like to ask if it is necessary to post anything besides the final image such as te model's wireframes, etc. Thank you again and good luck to all.
  10. anara

    anara - Metamorphosis

    Hi everyone. I'm new here in the forum. I'm originally from Colombia but I live in the U.S. When I found out that this competition is open to international participants, I decided to participate. I would like to know if it is required to texturize the model or if it is optional. Thank you and good luck to you all.