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    I am so happy to share with you all this archviz raytrace scene sample project for you to download free available from Learn tab of your Epic Games Launcher. Responsable of leading the design work and composition on this scene, also for modeling, lightning and texturing. You will learn the power of raytrace and how it is will help in your worflow to reach photoreal archviz. Thank you Epic Games for this amazing journey. Was a great experience. More info here https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/bl... www.sciontidesign.com
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    my personal project render with vray-3dsmax-Forestpack-Quixel megascans and mixer Inspired by film i am legend and game the last of us 2, more coming soon www.sciontidesign.com #thelastofus2 #vray #archviz #kitbash3d #quixel #quixelmixer #mood #apocalypse #gameart #3dsmax #forestpack #ue4 #composition #render #3d #render_contest #evermotion @chaosgroup @itoosoft @quixelofficial @kitbash3d @naughty_dog_inc @unrealengine
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    Morning to all this is a personal project i am working on hope you like. Wishbone chair ,ceiling lapmps and dining table are modeled and textured by me with 3dsmax and render in Unreal Engine 4.23 using raytrace technology all realtime no baking on a rtx2070 msi laptop 8 core Follow me on instagram for previews Thank you more coming soon www.sciontidesign.com
  4. Grazie Manuel dipende dal mood di solito utilizzo 3dsmax e vray per poi importare il tutto in Unreal Engine 4 con utilizzo di raytrace Per adesso ho abbandonato Corona o Unity ?
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    My personal project i modeled sofa the coffee table and armchair with throw used zbrush and marvelous designer for details render with 3dsmax Hope you like 'cheers www.sciontidesign.com
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    Created with Unreal Engine 4.22 and raytrace Inspired by videogame the last of us 2 used quixel megascan , created terrain with brushes and used forest pack from redwood to populate and brush foliage environment, post and lightning all inside unreal Car model was retextured in Substance Painter www.sciontidesign.com
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    My composition sofa modeled by me from photo reference used 3dsmax and cloth simulator, details in zbrush render with vray www.sciontidesign.com
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    My scandinavian render with unreal engine 4.22 using raytrace technology.Everything is in realtime, GI AO and reflections, no baking.Sofa modeled by me. Compared and ispired by real photo bottom one. www.sciontidesign.com
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    Created with Twinmotion 2019 now owned by Unreal Engine Epic Games. Used megascan assets from Quixel Enjoy Thanks www.sciontidesign.com
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