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    Thanx guys. Subale - this scene was very heavy, it was very difficult to tamper with it and set up another camera would take me too long time... Clay:
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    Image based on Pai Mei scene, the movie Kill Bill 2. "From here you can get an excellent view of my foot."
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    Balcony in 3D ... Sun in late September, the entrance of spring in Brazil. wires:
  4. Thanks! I tried modeling as close as possible of my photo reference, maybe I was wrong in the shader. I don't know.
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    Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the 5 stars!! Hugs!
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    We were hired to do the visual communication of the theater play "Freud - The last session" that is on Broadway and will start in Brazil next year (2012). One of tasks was to reproduce in 3D the Freud's office. I hope you enjoy. ______________________ André Bittencourt Msn: andreb3D@live.com Email: andre@voisin.com.br Blog: http://www.blog.voisin.com.br Site: http://www.voisin.com.br
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